She’s not only the founder and photographer, she’s also the editor, confidence curator, wardrobe wizard, posing pro, and the hype (wo)man you didn’t know you needed. 

Kara Mia Dunn is the mastermind and muscle behind Déjà Revél Boudoir.

HEY, i'm Kara!

“The most important day is the day you decide you’re good enough for you. It’s the day you set yourself free.”

I’m here to help encourage you to stop picking yourself apart on the daily, and to truly see yourself as the rest of the world sees you…beautiful! I get to help women, just like you, on the daily; ones who feel so foreign in their own body that it’s like they just walked into a room filled with unfamiliar faces, and want to hide in a corner; the women who are longing for the time when their favorite pre-baby jeans fit again and can finally be dusted off and retired from the top shelf of their closet; the women who never felt comfortable expressing their true, authentic selves and crave the feeling of being free from other’s perceptions. Through boudoir, I get to help you find HER again…get back in touch with the true, sultry, saucy, individualistic version of YOU.

I've been exclusively shooting boudoir since the beginning of my professional photography journey. 


Your boudoir photographer

my Why

I absolutely love it!!!

I not only help my clients get their sexy back, but along the way, they also get to explore and experiment with a version of themselves they may have never even known existed. There is no feeling quite like seeing pictures of yourself and absolutely loving the way you look - and I get to provide that feeling for a living! 

Since opening this studio, I have been honored with the “Best of Boudoir Award” six times by the International Association of Boudoir Photographers (2021, 2022, & 2023), and have been featured in over twenty publications!

And believe me… I'm just getting started!

So what do you say? 

Aren’t you curious about the unfamiliar, uncaged, uninhibited “you"? 

Feeling confident and sexy in your own skin isn’t as elusive as you may think.

But I don't just do this for women - men and couples of all combinations are welcome too, so don’t be shy! Boudoir isn’t just for the ladies!

My studio was designed to be equal parts artful and comfortable. The Bondage Room, Just The Sheets, and Wet Tease Set are some of our most popular premier set options to unleash creativity during our session together. I also have an entire closet filled with luxury items, sizes 5X-XS, dedicated to making you feel like a million bucks!


Releasing the chokehold that society has on you and their definition of what is "beautiful" is such a freeing realization. Being authentically you, without the worry of what others think = Pure bliss.


Find your passion...whatever it may be...and connect with the truest version of your inner self.


The entire point of a boudoir session is to feel EMPOWERED and comfortable in your own skin, AS IS! Your boudoir session is to celebrate your unique beauty and empower you to unleash your inner vixen.


values that guide MY creative process

Creative poses and composition

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Art in all forms

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Velvet, leather, lace - give me all the textures!

Real women, in real life

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I can't wait to show you, you!!

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