Whether you’re already in the body you love, or still struggling to love the body you’re in, seeing yourself through my lens is the perfect way to safely and artistically explore your saucier side.

Maybe your personal lingerie collection already rivals our exquisite Client Closet. Or perhaps it’s been a decade (or 3) since anything leathery or lacey has graced your body. 

Either way, there’s a profoundly feminine phenom “in there” who’s craving her proper recognition. It’s time to embrace the woman you’ve worked so hard to become… the one so few people have ever seen… possibly even you.

From Shy to Sizzling… Boudoir Is The Ultimate Self-Love Investment

Authentic Expressions, Unbelievable Confidence, & Artistic Passion

the DÉJÀ REVÉL experience

We Don’t Focus On Your Cleavage -

Even if “sensual confidence” isn’t in your vocabulary, you’ll love learning a new language when you have an incredible teacher (aka photographer).

A wise woman once said…

We Capture Your Confidence

- Moira Rose from Schitt’s Creek

“Take a thousand naked pictures of yourself now. You may think ‘Oh, I’m too spooky.’ Or ‘Nobody wants to see these tiny boobies.’ But believe me, one day, you will look at those photos with much kinder eyes.”



○   Full hair and makeup application (includes false lashes)
○   Session Prep Guide
○   Lingerie consultation - bring your favorite pieces, or…
○   “Shop” our blazing Client Closet (sizes 5X-XS)
○   Expert posing and facial expression guidance
○   90-Minute photoshoot
○   Minimum of 3 wardrobe options
○   Centerfold-quality retouching on final images
○   Same-day image reveal and ordering appointment

Your Déjà Revél Boudoir Experience Includes:

Want Our Full Pricing Menu? We Got You!

○  Artful Boudoir Albums
○  Privacy Boxes
○  Custom Hoodies
○  Ice Blocks
○  Metal Prints
○  Retro Viewfinders
○  Calendars
○  Cards
○  Professional Quality Prints

Photo products and images are sold separately. These really level up that goddess feeling. Some of our clients' favorite ways to showcase their art include:

Prints & Products

collections starting at $1500

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Take it from them

Everything changed about the way I see my own beauty, sexuality, sensuality, and body!

Kara described the session experience very well so I was prepared, but I was not prepared for how hot I could look. [Seeing my pictures]... OH MY!! I was in shock!! I still am! I see myself as beautiful and confident. I loved the uniqueness of the products! The video GIF was and is my favorite!


ok. I need this!

I felt like an individual and a woman instead of just a mom and a functional human who is in service of others.

Kara worked absolute MAGIC and made me feel gorgeous, strong, and powerful. That is a big dang deal. And I couldn't wait to [share my experience] and say, "hey! Everybody! Come and see how good I look!" I cannot recommend Kara enough.


My only piece of advice is to do this for YOU (and bring a lil Prosecco if you're nervous!)

It's easy to see our flaws all the time, I hate most photos of myself, but it's absolutely crazy how undressing with all your insecurities actually can do the opposite of what you think, will make you feel confident as hell like a stunning sex kitten (or TIGER! MEOW), letting loose and not covering it all up! 


Trust the process, even when it feels odd with the poses she may have you do, look at the result & you'll be in awe!

Kara is AMAZING to work with & makes things super easy and comfortable even when it's your first time! Highly recommend her to anyone looking to get their photos done and even more so to those who are on edge debating if they want to - JUST DO IT!


Do you have payment plans?

Absolutely I do! I require each and every one of our clients to get set up on a payment plan within 30 days of booking. Why? Well for two reasons actually. 1. It allows for you to show up for your session and really enjoy the entire experience from top to bottom without having to worry about the investment. 2. It allows me to shoot your images based on specific items. For example, if I know you want a killer piece of wall art to hang above your bed, I'm going to map out poses to make that happen! That being said, I don’t require you to make one swipe and pay for your entire experience with me in one-fell-swoop. Of course you can (hellooooo credit card perks), but most of my clients break up their payments into smaller chunks leading up to their session by utilizing us as a layaway option or ‘Boudie Bank’. You can make biweekly or monthly payments toward your collection, having it paid in full before even stepping foot in the studio! I even allow you to book your session 12+ months in advance, so you can really get ahead start on your investment. All of this boils down to: yes, I offer payment methods to make your boudoir experience with here at Déjà Revél not only an easy ‘yes’ but one to fit your budget as well!  I even accept PayPal Credit & Afterpay!

Do you photoshop my images?

Long and short answer: Yes and No. Believe it or not your images will be just about perfect straight out of the camera. Lighting and posing is truly our strong suit and one we are massively confident in. Based on your pre-session questionnaire, I know exactly what features you are looking to show off and the ones you want to downplay. When it comes to the final edit on your selected images, I adjust lighting, skin smooth, and remove anything that isn’t permanent on your body such as pimples, bruises, etc. You are more than welcome to make requests on top of what I typically do, as my end goal is to have you looking at your images AMAZED and in awe of what you see. Most of my clients see their images just lightly edited at their same day image reveal and absolutely fall in love (and that’s not even the final outcome yet!!) So yes, I edit your images, but your images are mostly already perfect straight out of the camera. You’ll see. 

What type of products do you have?

I offer a variety of luxury albums and products! Our albums are absolutely drool-worthy when you see them in person; choose from leather, velvet, or suede, textiles, and a plethora of color choices. Every album is hand-crafted by an all-women team and every detail is taken into account. There are many customization options to really make each and every album as unique as its owner. Aside from albums, I offer fine art folios, metal wall art, matted prints, and more. Many of my clients even add on fun items like a custom hoodie or table-top calendar!

We can talk all day about how fabulous you’ll feel when you see your final images. About how you won’t be the same woman when you leave our studio that you were when you walked in. I can even promise that you’ll curse the pre-boudoir “you” for waiting so damn long to do this for yourself. 

But don’t take my word for it! Trust and believe, most of my clients have stood at this exact crossroads.

Apprehensive… but deeply curious.

Nervous… but aching to do something just for them.

Self-conscious… but longing to feel like themselves again.

You are not alone!

See what some of them had to say on the back end of their shoot (pun intended) about their transformative Déjà Revél Boudoir experience.

What Our Fans Are Saying

"Best shoot I've ever done! I love how creative the shoot was and she made me feel super sexy!

The studio is freakin stunning and Kara makes you feel extremely comfortable the entire time. Thank you so much for the amazing make up from a local artist too! Loved it so much and I can't wait for the next one!!!"


"Kara is truly a hype woman, she has the ability to get you from a ball of nerves to one hundred percent confident and loving yourself! 

Her studio is like walking into a dream, clean, sexy, inviting and more! I'm glad I was able to do a session with her, I loved my pictures that I'll save forever and would love to do it again! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED."


"From the moment you book your session Kara is making you a priority and asking questions.

I showed up to my appointment and she had lingerie picked out she thought I would rock based off our conversations. She makes you feel confident during the whole experience. Can't wait to do another session with her."


i'm taking what's mine

Inquire today 

Enough sitting on the sidelines, your the main character in your story and its about time you embodied that energy to the fullest! Let's turn your 'what if's' and 'what could be's' into a reality! 

explore More transformations

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Glammed Up & Stripped Down!

- Emilie

If you are even slightly considering a session with her, do it! Seriously, go... NOW! stop scrolling and call her!"

"Kara is beyond easy to work with and will make you forget any hesitation you may have before you even realize it!

- lynsay

I loved that she gave me a natural look and I didn't feel like my face was overloaded with make up. She made view myself in a way I don't normally see myself. I would absolutely do another session with her again! 

"Kara made me feel like we were two friends getting together chatting and taking pictures.

- kayley

I was amazed with my photos and fell in love with my body for the first time. From the moment I walked through her door she greeted me with the biggest smile and made sure I felt right at home. If I could get photos by her everyday just to have the confidence I had when I left her studio I would."

"Kara makes you feel incredibly comfortable in your own skin.