Hands-on LIVE Learning, Mentorship, and Coaching Opportunities for New or Established Boudoir Photographers. 

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As the Founder, Lead Photographer, and Studio Manager of Déjà Revél, I wholeheartedly believe in the importance of continued education, mentorship, and growth. No matter how experienced you are, there's always room for improvement. I’m committed to helping you explore new perspectives, refine your skills, and adapt to the evolving landscape of running a Boudoir business.

Whether you're starting fresh, aspiring to elevate your existing boudoir brand, or you’re committed to providing your clients with a kicka** experience, you’re guaranteed to go further under the guidance of the right Mentor.

Ready to take your Boudoir business to the next level?

- Kara

A common misconception is that people only work with a Coach or Mentor when they're struggling or their business is failing. But the truth is, seeking mentorship is one of the best investments you can make as an Entrepreneur, even if your business is already booming. 

Some of the most notable growth experiences I’ve seen in my business over the years came from working with other talented Mentors and Coaches. Their expertise and extra set of eyes have not only shaped me as an artist but also contributed to the core identity of Déjà Revél

And despite launching a photography business at the peak of a global pandemic, my business has never been in trouble and in fact, has consistently earned 6-figures since opening. It all boils down to perseverance and investing in my business.


Take it from me, having another set of eyes on your business and your craft is invaluable to your growth and success by adding an ally to your team that allows you to see things from another perspective; to follow in the footsteps of someone who has been there before, while getting to your desired outcome faster; unlocking the unseen potential of your boudoir brand. I saw my business more than double it's revenue in the first year of investing in a mentor!

It's no surprise, running a successful boudoir studio isn't solely about mastering the art of photography, there's a lot of time and energy that is invested behind the scenes that goes far beyond what you see online and on our socials. From marketing to answering emails, managing bookings, and maintaining an online presence, to quarterly taxes, time management, and client contracts, it’s more than what meets the eye.

I invite you to step into my space; a space of authentic and purposeful Boudoir Mentorship. I'm not here to critique your business or style, or tell you what you’re doing “wrong." There is no 'one right way' to run a business. But I am here to empower you with all the secrets of operating a successful business, on your terms, and through mentorship, it's possible to find success in your own, authentic way.

Unveiling the Secrets to Boudoir Brand Growth

and more!

Posing & styling
Photo Editing
client Relations
Social Media
Website review
Brand Strategy

Topics we can help with!


By having Kara as a mentor, you will always have someone in your corner cheering you on. She wants you to succeed and will be there to support you, anyway she can.

She’s a mentor that allows a safe space to learn and ask questions. Her one-on-one sessions have been such a turning point within my own business. They provide a designated time to sit down and write out goals you have for your business and the experience you want to create for your ideal clients. She understands how important it is to have resources within this community and does her best to provide the support needed. She gives you feedback that can truly benefit your business. If you take the initiative to fully put the knowledge and skills you have learned back into your business, there is know doubt that you will see growth and improvement.

By having Kara as a mentor you will always have someone in your corner cheering you on. She wants to see you succeed and will be there to support you anyway she can.  She understands how important it is to have resources within this community and does her best to provide the support needed. 

designing a Mentorship Program unique to each individual photographer based on your experience and vision for your Boudoir brand

getting clarity on your pain points and how you desire your brand to impact others

gauging your current experience (“none” is a fully acceptable answer)


boudoir mentorship tailored to you

meeting you where you are in your business

ongoing support during our time together to ensure you are getting the most out of your program

Mentorship Packages Tailored Specifically to Your Needs

individual & group coaching for boudoir photographers

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○ 1-hour Zoom call
○ Topics include: Portfolio review (if you don’t have a portfolio yet, we’ll discuss how to build one before you have actual clients), Pricing, Client Experience, Sale Strategy, and more!
○ Personalized, actionable next steps, based on the current state and future vision for your business

During this 60-minute Zoom call, we’ll review your brand, discuss your business, and define a strategy for mastering your vision moving forward. 

1 Hr Coaching Call

Minimal investment, maximum return | $250

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Deep(er) Dive | $3000

○ 6 hot-seat style group coaching calls, focused on strategy planning, reviewing your action list, answering any and all questions, and celebrating your wins
○ Input and a sounding board from other industry peers in the form of a MiniMind.
○ 1:1 check-ins: on-boarding and off-boarding Zoom calls to make sure your needs are being met within the group coaching program
○ 24/7 group support in between calls via Voxer

Alongside other industry peers, we’ll dedicate 1 hour every other week for 12 weeks to enhancing as well as honing your business skills and ensuring that you’re marketing your services effectively. 

3 Month Group
Coaching Program

Now Enrolling June 2024

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Committing to the Process | $3000

○ 1:1 coaching tailored to your individual needs
○ 4 weekly check-ins: 1-hour Zoom calls for strategy planning, reviewing your progress, and 
   celebrating your wins
○ 24/7 1:1 support in between calls via Voxer

We’ll connect each week for 4 weeks to ensure you’re clear on your goals and in alignment with the intentions you’ve set for your business.

1:1 4-Week
Coaching Program

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*If you’d prefer I travel to your studio to work with you in your element, there is no additional charge but you would be responsible for travel expenses (i.e. airfare, lodging, gas, etc). in addition to the package price.*

And BONUS - this is the perfect opportunity to add some spice to your portfolio (or start building one, if need be) with the images you’ll capture in this experience. So make sure you bring your camera along with you!

Ready to boost your Boudoir brand while providing your clients a memorable, ⚡️ electric ⚡️ , one-of-a-kind experience, complete with luxurious finished products they’ll adore? 

Let's delve into the details together, from start to finish, ensuring a learning experience you can take back to your studio to elevate your own boudoir brand!

*You’ll travel to our studio in Manchester, PA to walk-through a live shoot - where you will be given an inside look at our client experience; starting at the client’s arrival, taking you through all the nuances of an boudoir session with us. You'll be overseeing aspects of our process such as make-up and lighting techniques to our same-day reveal structure and photo editing. 

This is hands-on experience with prepping, posing, and photographing an actual boudoir client, with real-time coaching. After the session, we will enjoy a little coffee-chat to provide guidance on any aspects of your business you are desiring clarity on, as well as pricing strategies and marketing tactics while nurturing your magnetic online presence.

in-studio mentorship

hands-on learning | $5000

6X Best of Boudoir Winner from the Association of International Boudoir Photographers

Printed in over 20 publications including The Ardent Lens, Bare Bones Boudoir, and Shutter Up Magazine

Repeated six-figure Boudoir Photography Studio business owner (every year since opening in 2021)

Bachelor’s Degree in International Business Management with a concentration in Marketing from Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Master’s Degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing: in progress from the University of Alaska Fairbanks 

I truly want to see you succeed. As a multi-six figure Boudoir photographer, business owner, and multi-studio manager, I truly believe the power of a successful and flourishing brand is found in hands-on experience coupled with continued learning.

I have a passion for not only providing an experience for my clients where they are heard, seen, and appreciated, but I also have that same passion for helping other boudoir business owners feel the same. Education coupled with hands-on learning...you're destined to go far.

My creds include:

GREAT question, & I’m so glad you asked! 

Why should you trust me to elevate your Boudoir brand?

street cred

the now-how to make it happen. Goals and plans are one thing, but as a manifesting-generator, I know HOW to put plans into action and make them work!

a wealth of experience in Boudoir photography, having worked with a diverse range of clients and scenarios

positivity while providing true and honest feedback. Your success is my success and I want to give you the tools to make it happen! 


a solid understanding of business principles, including marketing, pricing strategies, client management, branding, and so much more

I’m 6X Best of Boudoir winner, CEO and lead photographer at Déjà Revél. I help my boudoir clients bridge the gap between their outward facing self, and the version of themselves they keep tucked away. I meet my clients where they are in their personal journeys and make their visions come to life. Through boudoir, I help women feel more like themselves than they have possibly their entire lives! 

As a mentor and coach, my ultimate goal is to have you feeling head-over-heels in love with your business. We've been told we have to do this a certain way, and market this way, and advertise to these particular people, and truly...it's a bunch of crap. What works for one person, may not work for another, and that's totally okay! Together, I want to come up with a plan that works for YOU and your business. I want you really diving deep into what you offer to your clients, but also what lights you up as well! 


Your boudoir photography mentor

If you believe in it, you can sell it!

After our time together, you will be confident in your pricing, in your client experience, in your back-end workflows. You will be confident in your business. You'll be set-up with unique structures and marketing plans in place to position yourself as a one-of-a-kind studio with so much to offer to your clients. We aren't about anything cookie-cutter here...nope. We are all about authenticity in all we do, and together, we will find your authentic brand voice to elevate your boudoir brand!

meet kara

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm interested in group coaching, but what happens if I miss the coaching calls?

You will be given dates ahead of time of our group calls. Should you be unable to make it, we encourage you to submit any questions you have ahead of time. All submitted questions will be answered on the call first, prior to answering any in-person questions. Our zoom calls are recorded, so you absolutely will be able to go back and watch any that you've missed.

How does group coaching work?

Group coaching is my favorite mentoring tool. You will be in a minimind with other boudoir business owners, all at different stages in their business. This is your network. Throughout our 12 weeks together, you not only have my expertise, but the input from the others within the group! We have bi-weekly coaching calls to ask burning questions and get real-time feedback, as well as text support through Voxer 24/7 while in the program. 

How can we get started?!

Coaching calls and 1:1 coaching are all booked on a first-come-first-serve basis. Please make sure to fill out an application to get started. For our Group Coaching program, we have an enrollment period before each term. You can see the current term enrollment above under Group Coaching. Submit an application, and if accepted into the program, you will be given further steps for on-boarding. 

Unsure of the program for you? contact us below.


Kara will walk you through details step by step! Definitely would recommend her!

She is so kind and willing to help. There are no silly questions. [She helped me with] pricing.. such as getting rid of my a la carte [menu] and changing it to the upgrade menu, and getting those upgrades! She even provided guidance when I came to her about choosing my business name.

Thank you for filling out our form! We will get back to you toot sweet with some good info!


Submit the form below and we’ll unravel the details together and decide which investment (if any) is best for your Boudoir Business - no pressure, no obligation.


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