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Kara Dunn

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January 4, 2024

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The True Cost of Choosing the Wrong Boudoir Photographer

Have you seen that post going around about the importance of choosing a boudoir photographer who specializes in boudoir photography rather than that cheap photographer who just dabbles in boudoir around the Valentine’s Day rush for a quick buck? This is the one:

It really hit home for me, and I want to share why – and no, it’s not just because I’m a boudoir photographer positioning myself for your booking (although, let’s be real, I’d love that too).

It’s because I’ve actually been the person who opted to go for the cheaper photographer, and it cost me a whole heck of a lot more than just what I paid. I thought, “How hard could it be?”. I went with the cheap boudoir photographer who was offering a session for just $600 instead of the one offering a full experience for $2000; a photographer I truly admired. Biiiiiiiiig mistake.

I showed up to my session, having to bring my own lingerie, pose in front of a stranger whom I had never met before, pretty much unguided by myself, and left without ever once seeing the images on the back of the camera.

But the real kicker?

When I finally saw the photos, I wasn’t overcome with feelings of “holy sh*t why did it take so long for me to do this, I look HOT!” or “wow look how amazing my a** looks!”…not at all. Instead, I cried. My thoughts were more like “Why didn’t they tell me I looked like that?” and “I didn’t know I had a roll there!”. I couldn’t even show the pictures to my husband; they still haven’t seen the light of day and it’s been years.

Luckily for me, the lack of overall experience and result didn’t completely break me; I didn’t give up. I saved and booked a session with the photographer I had initially wanted to go with, the one that quoted me $2000. And let me tell you, it was an entirely different experience. I adored every single photo. They had a closet full of lingerie in varying sizes that I could try on and wear for my session. They helped me pose and were so detail oriented…even made sure my bra straps laid flat! I got to see the back of the camera throughout the entire day to prove that I looked just as amazing as I felt in that moment.

Now, I proudly display a half-a-dozen metal prints from my session all over my bedroom. It’s boosted my confidence and made me feel amazing! I just wish I had known from the start to not skimp and instead save for my preferred photographer.

So, here’s the deal. Choosing a cheap photographer who isn’t passionate or experienced in boudoir isn’t worth it. Trust me on this one. Having a lack-luster experience, and even worse photos, hits hard on your confidence and self-esteem, far more than any money you think you’re saving. Take the time to research and find a photographer you genuinely love. Talk to them, get comfortable (after all, you’re going to be getting naked in front of them with a camera), and understand what you’re getting into. Save up if you need to because investing in that experience is worth every penny.

At the end of the day, any amount of money spent is a small price to pay for the immense confidence that comes from finally being comfortable in your own skin, that only an experienced boudoir photographer can give. Now, knowing what I know, I would happily and willingly spend thousands on a photographer, if they knew what they were doing, lived and breathed boudoir photography, made the process easy as pie, hyped me throughout, provided everything I needed, and produced bomb-a** images. It’s PRICELESS. And even better, most boudoir photographers are cheaper than $10,000. So get to it, do your research, and find that photographer that will make you look and feel like a million bucks, not just the cheap boudoir photographer down the street looking to make some extra money this season.

And now here is my shameless plug…if you’re in the market for a boudoir experience that will blow any other you’ve had out of the water, come to us at Déjà Revél. We exclusively photograph boudoir, meaning we know our lighting and poses like the back of our hand. We specialize in portraiture that captures both the inner and outer essence of our clients, while making sure you’re comfortable and having fun the entire time. You will see your images the exact same day, and get everything from professional hair and makeup, to access to our luxury client closet, accessories, all the posing guidance you need, and more! Boudoir is what we do, and we do it best. Our clients are real women, not models, and we would love to show you just how amazing a boudoir experience can be! Read what our clients have to say.

We’d love to have you in the studio for your very own session this year. Simply inquire for more information and to book! Click here.

We’re ready when you are!

It’s ok to admit it… no one deserves this experience more than you. 

i'm ready

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