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December 11, 2023

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The Artist You Never Knew You Needed

Tiffany stands tall as York PA’s seasoned Bridal & FX Makeup Artist with a decade-long beauty journey behind her, and as I’m sure you suspected, her venture into this field was no coincidence; it was sparked by a lifelong passion for art and creativity.

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From a young age, Tiffany’s artistic spirit found expression through unconventional means. Although originally having a passion for painting, being limited by resources, she turned to affordable makeup as her medium, experimenting with E.L.F. liners and budget cosmetics, leading her down a path of discovering the transformative potential of makeup, especially in the world of special occasion hair and FX makeup.

Her pivotal moment arrived while helping behind-the-scenes at a friend’s photoshoot. Taking charge of the makeup for one of the models, Tiffany experienced firsthand the impact her artistry had on the model’s confidence and the overall aesthetic of the shoot. That experience became the fuel to her fire for pursing her passion in the beauty industry.

Now at Oasis Spa and Salon in York PA, Tiffany collaborates with a team of other skilled professionals (many of which have been friends for YEARS!), offering a comprehensive array of services, from hair and makeup, nails, classes and more. Her passion is making her client’s feel amazing, whether that be from a relaxing facial or from makeup. I’ve personally had Tiffany do my makeup two or three times at this point, AND she even taught me how to do my own makeup. Some of her amazing glam looks can be seen below!

Tiffany crossed paths with Déjà Revél, back when we were looking for a hair and makeup artist in the area, and it was a match-made in heaven. Our professional connection blossomed, leading to not only memorable collaborations that elevated our client experience, but ended in a friendship. Tiffany has modeled before and had done boudoir sessions in the past with other photographers, but I deeply feel that it’s important to experience what we offer, hands on. In her own words, she “recommends it to everyone!! Kara’s (cough cough) was my favorite shoot ever. I felt the most beautiful and HOT. It was the easiest shoot I have ever done with the best outcome.” Read more client testimonials here.

Tiffany is now the first line of defense for our client’s who sit in her chair and have nerves about their photoshoot that day. Since she’s been in their exact same shoes, she’s a natural at calming those pre-session butterflies and our client’s absolutely ADORE her!

For those seeking help learning makeup basics (she taught me!), a face-slay like no other, or a place to just relax and slow time with a friend, I cannot recommend Tiffany more! She brings an elegance and effortless expertise to the industry, all while leading with such a warm and welcoming heart. You are always welcome and comforted while in her space, and that is priceless. The world needs more Tiffany’s. And we are lucky to have her in our corner. Check out more of Tiffany and her work on Instagram @tiffanychavezbeauty https://www.instagram.com/tiffanychavezbeauty

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