Embracing The Transformation From Midnight Sun Boudoir To Déjà Revél

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Kara Dunn

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October 17, 2023

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Written by Copy by Carri

Deep in the heart of York County, Pennsylvania, a remarkable transformation is taking place. The beloved Midnight Sun Boudoir has shed her old skin and emerged renewed and refreshed as Déjà Revél

This rebranding journey is the result of a deeper alignment with the true vision of its owner, Kara Mia Dunn. Her studio – no matter the name – has always been a fully immersive experience and a sanctuary of empowerment for her eclectic clientele. Even through a full facelift and rebranding effort, her mission has never wavered.

Kara’s sole purpose is to deliver a transformative experience for every client who walks through her doors. Aaaaand, it doesn’t hurt that she’s a brilliant visionary artist to the core. Kara thrives on capturing women in images that allow them to see themselves as the extraordinary, gorgeous individuals they really are. Images that see far beyond flaws and imperfections and actually make them love themselves again

These are the core values of Déjà Revél.

The Shift

As you may know, Kara has been managing two very successful studios in two drastically different locations for a few years now – one in Fairbanks, Alaska, and the other in Manchester, Pennsylvania. 

Not exactly a short distance apart. 

But life has a way of shaking things up when we least expect it, so the time has come when she’s decided to focus all her energy and attention on just one zip code. 

Buckle up, York County – it’s Manchester, PA for the win! 

The visionary phenom behind Midnight Sun Boudoir saw an opportunity to create a more profound impact by realigning her brand with her own shifting paradigms. But this emergence couldn’t be as blasé as closing the Alaskan Midnight Sun doors in April 2024 and flipping the switch on in York County in July. 

Au contraire, mon frère! This transformation was a full rebirth and deserved to look and feel as such.

New name

New logo

New website

Same focus.

The Power

The name itself  – Déjà Revél signifies rediscovery and the power of reveling in one’s true self. This is the very essence of Kara’s newly aligned brand.

“I connect with women on two sides – the outward-facing side they see in the mirror, and the inward-facing side – their inner-most truest selves.”

Kara’s approach is remarkably unique – part elegance, part el fuego, all heart. And now, her strengthened alignment and precise clarity are taking Déjà Revél to all new levels. 

Alignment is at the core of every successful rebranding. Kara recognized that, as shifts were happening in her own life, this was an opportunity for her boudoir business to more deeply reflect her foundational principles of empowerment, inclusivity, and self-discovery.

Over the years, Kara’s heard the countless fears, doubts, and insecurities of her clients, and overstands the transformative impact a boudoir experience can offer them. She thrives on empowering every individual who walks through her doors to set aside all their negative thoughts and energy and just be in this moment. 

Those who’ve allowed themselves to embrace “this moment” in her studios have gotten far more than they bargained for and they’re not shy about sharing their transformative experiences. By allowing themselves to be vulnerable for just a moment, they…

  • gained the freedom to expand their minds
  • explored some deeper, darker sides of themselves (and loved it)
  • unloaded the daily weight of being a wife, mom, employee, daughter, soldier, sibling, entrepreneur, etc.

And only through their vulnerability was Kara able to seize these moments and capture the most exquisite images that they’ll value for a lifetime

The Essence

Empowerment is a journey of self-discovery, acceptance, and self-love. Kara knows the importance of providing a space where individuals – not just women –  can embrace their uniqueness, free of judgment and societal expectations. This has always been solidly infused in her boudoir business’ DNA. 

Unveiling Déjà Revél is simply a renewed celebration of body positivity, diversity, and the beauty that lies within every individual, regardless of age, race, BMI, cup size, or even gender. Inclusivity means widening the lens because so many people want to be seen… deserve to be celebrated… crave a space to embrace and express their true selves.

Kara’s mission has always been – and will continue to be – to uplift and inspire her clients. She encourages them to step outside their comfort zone and into their own power because she knows that we find strength in our vulnerability. 

“Every minute of my time in the studio was warm, inviting, fun, and most importantly – liberating. The results spoke for themselves and I’ve never felt more beautiful, effervescent, or empowered… This experience truly changed my life!”

The boudoir transformation is not just skin-deep; it’s about nurturing a sense of self-love that transcends the studio and affects their everyday life.

An Immersive Experience

The rebranding of Midnight Sun Boudoir to Déjà Revél is more than just a name change and a new sign on the studio building (albeit a gorgeous sign). It’s the promise of a luxury experience, carefully curated to resonate with each client’s unique journey. 

The immersive experience at Déjà Revél begins the moment you step into the studio (if not before, just in speaking with Kara). It’s a refuge designed to make you feel safe, confident, and truly autonomous. And it’s the one place you can go to shrug off all of life’s expectations and become exactly who you (never) knew you could be.

Every detail of the experience at Déjà Revél is meticulously planned to ensure that clients feel comfortable, respected, and of course… stunning. From the warm and welcoming ambiance to the personalized sessions, Kara has created an absolute masterpiece – an environment that amplifies self-love and encourages a profound connection with one’s inner self.

Ready to immerse yourself?

The Unveiling

The unveiling of Déjà Revél offers quite a few notable updates: 

➺  The new logo – a blend of contemporary design and classic elegance that embodies Kara’s commitment to modern empowerment while honoring her roots in classic creative photography.

➺  The new name – a grammatical French twist on the concept of familiar rediscovery. It carries a mysterious undertone that implies this is the place to let down your guard and embrace the version of you that may seem so distant but still so familiar. 

➺  The new color palette – carefully selected with vibrant but soothing tones. Absolutely ooooozes warm, positive, and optimistic energy. 

➺  The new website – where to start?? This was a full demo and rebuild from the ground up. Kara placed Déjà Revél in the extremely capable hands of a brilliant brand specialist who created the bombshell site you see today. From the server to the structure to the copy, everything is brand-spanking new. 

Every aspect of the brand reflects the true essence of Déjà Revél – a safe space where self-love and empowerment intertwine to create a truly transformative experience. 

A New Dawn, A New Beginning

As Midnight Sun Boudoir transitions into Déjà Revél, the growth marks the beginning of a super exciting chapter. One filled with promise, permission, and the beauty of self-discovery. 

Déjà Revél stands as a beacon in Manchester, PA, inviting all to revel in their innermost truest selves and embrace their originality with confidence and pleasure (or pleasurable pain… always client’s choice).

This transformation is destined to offer an unforgettable experience for so many of York County’s residents. And frankly, the rebranding journey of Déjà Revél serves as a testament to the true power of alignment. 

If you haven’t peeped the rest of Déjà Revél’s website yet, do yourself a favor and click around a bit. And if you haven’t booked a boudoir session with her yet… well that’s an opportunity you definitely do NOT want to miss! 

It’s clear that Kara Mia Dunn is so much more than a mere photographer. She’s well on her way to creating a legacy of inclusivity and empowerment that transcends the lens and captures the soul.

We’re ready when you are!

It’s ok to admit it… no one deserves this experience more than you. 

i'm ready

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